Free ASWB Practice Exams

Our ASWB practice exams will help you prepare for the Association of Social Work Boards exam. Our free website offers 100 online practice questions for the Masters exam and the Clinical exam. Click any of the ASWB practice exams listed below to start your test prep right now!

LCSW Practice Exams | ASWB Clinical

To become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker you will need to pass the ASWB Clinical exam. Our free LCSW practice exams will help ensure that your are fully prepared.

LMSW Practice Exams | ASWB Masters

To become a Licensed Master Social Worker you will need to pass the AWSB Masters exam. Our free LMSW practice exams feature 100 challenging practice questions to help with your test prep.

Association of Social Work Boards Exam

The AWSB issues certification exams for all levels of social work. The exams differ based on your prior education and experience. There are five categories that these exams fall into:

  1. Associate – this requires no degree
  2. Bachelors – this exam requires a bachelor’s degree in social work
  3. Masters – this exam requires a master’s degree in social work
  4. Advanced Generalist – this requires a master’s degree in social work and two years of nonclinical experience
  5. Clinical – this requires a master’s degree in social work and two years of clinical experience

These exams allow social workers to practice at their respective levels in a way that is safe and beneficial to the public.

All ASWB exams consist of 170 multiple-choice questions, 150 which are scored. The other 20 are pretest items that will not count for or against your performance; they are simply being analyzed by the ASWB for inclusion on future exams.

It is important to note that the ASWB is different than your state board. Some states and provinces may require further exams prior to licensure, so all candidates should check their regional boards to ensure proper compliance no matter the level of licensure they plan to attain.

The ASWB has recently transitioned to offering their exam at PSI testing centers nationwide and expects to offer online testing options later in 2024. The contents of the test, however, have not changed. Questions and scoring have remained the same.